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It's the stuff I create. Flamers are NOT welcomed. Your flames will be used to roast marshmellows for me and my watches so we can have s'mores.

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Instead of the normal one person feature. I'm going to put those who had given me a Christmas gift in here. As thanks for making me a gift. In no real order as well.

:iconmatthespeedstar: A one month premium membership to dA
:icongoldlinaric: Gift- Kake the hypnopet by GoldLinaric
:iconroseprincess1: CG: Punisher 2006 by Roseprincess1
:icondannystar64: CG punisher2006 Cat Kake by Dannystar64
:iconblue-galewind: (Drawn by :iconseverflame:) The Legend of Chantelle: A Link Of Another Sort by Severflame
:iconbobomagroto: A couple of figures and The Awakening - Xmas 13 Punisher2006 by BoboMagroto
:icontomefantasy: CG 2013 (4Punchan) Best dance partner by TomeFantasy
:iconhachimitsu-ink: Grace Voluptueuse - Chantelle (dark ray) by hachimitsu-inkGrace Voluptueuse - Chantelle (Light ray) by hachimitsu-ink
:iconlightvanille: X-mas gift - Kake Dachi by lightvanille
:iconryuu-atrineas: A picture that's not up here.
:iconrabbit-of-the-moon: Christmas Card for Punisher2006 by Rabbit-of-the-Moon
:icongamemaster999: CG Punisher2006 2013 by Gamemaster999
:iconmegagundamman: Xmas08 by MegaGundamMan
:iconjuliana1121: Gift - Keba Dachi by Juliana1121
:iconquicksilver-88: Elsa Keba by Quicksilver-88
:iconmermaidaiera: Keba Dachi by MermaidAiera

Thank-you for the gifts!

Hey. Would you guys like me to post sketchs (in Scraps) of things I'm planning to work on as digital artwork or any type? 

25 deviants said Sure, I would love to see them. :)
2 deviants said I don't know...
1 deviant said Sure, that way I can do collabs if it's okay with you. (Me: Sure, just ask okay?)
1 deviant said Pun-chan only.
No deviants said No. It would be boring. :(

Another thing (Upcoming Kirban)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 11:29 PM
We have a Kirban coming up. The 130,000 page view one.

So, the rules...

1) First four people to show me proof of on or close to 130,000 pages views gets a traditional request from me. (One full body picture, coloured, max two people. Small background.)
2) You don't have to be a friend to get it.
3) If you caught my 120,000 page view, or close to it, you can't get this one. If you try to send it to me, you will not get it.
4) If you had got my 110,000 page view or close to it, you are allowed to try for it.
5) I do the requests at my speed.
6) Please don't be a sore loser if you didn't get one.  Okay?  Thank-you.

Those not eligible to get one: :icongoldlinaric::icongiotakahashi::icondannystar64: and :iconcaptainface:

1) :iconlightvanille: with 130,000 views.
2) :iconblue-galewind: with 130,001 views.
3) :iconbubble-fan: with 130,002 views.
4) :icondr-scaphandre: with 130,005 views.

Since :icongoldlinaric: tagged me and :iconbubble-fan:, :iconroseprincess1: and :iconlightvanille: have done it. Guess it's my turn.


1. Pick one of your OCs.  for the hell of it i'm picking a few
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.

OC Chosen

Kake Dachi New Mermaid Empress Look by Punisher2006
Keba Dachi Lovely Keba Dachi by Punisher2006
Zen Dachi Prince Zen in Royal Cothes by Punisher2006
Tensou Dachi Who's That by Punisher2006
Kana Dachi Wedding Day Kana by Punisher2006

Maki Surges Maki's True Form by Punisher2006
Kazumi Aralis Focusing Her Power by Punisher2006


1. What is your name?
Kake: I'm Kake, what's yours?
Zen: I'm Prince Zen Dachi.
Keba: Hello, I'm Princess Keba Dachi.
Tensou: Lord Tensou.
Kana: I'm Lady Kana Dachi, a pleasure meeting you.
Maki: I'm Maki T. Surges.
Kazumi: I'm Princess Kazumi Aralis.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Kake: No...
Zen: Our creator.
Keba: She was trying to memorize a few things.
Tensou: I guess that's it.
Kana: Mhm
Maki: Two people named me that.
Kazumi: My mother and father liked the name?

3. Are you single or taken?
Tensou and Kana: Taken.
Keba: Depending on what RP we're in, we're also taken or single.
Zen: Mhm.
Kake: Yeah.
Maki: Taken.
Kazumi: ...I'd rather not answer this.

4. Have any abilities or powers?
Kake: Pearl of Kaiyou, but if not that, the kaiyouian crystals like me, I can us some magic and...I'm a quicker swimmer.
Zen: I use magic to enchance my attacks and I'm strong.
Keba: Magic.
Tensou: I'm like Zen but with more magic and less attacks.
Kana: I can place barriers up well.
Maki: Well, not many but I have survived on my own despite being blind and missing an arm.
Kazumi: Magic, like my mother.

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!
Kake: Am I one?
Keba: We're not Mary Sues.
Zen: Well, Kake's the closest out of us.
Tensou: But she has her faults and not everyone likes her.
Kake: Like who?
Keba: The council, Lord Yami...
Kana: A Mary Sue?
Mary: A Mary Sue?
Kazumi: I'm sorry.
6. What's your eye color?
Kake: Violet.
Zen: Red.
Keba: Light blue.
Tensou: Yellow.
Kana: Pink.
Maki: I don't know...
Kazumi: Light blue.

7. How about hair color?
Kana, Kake, Keba and Zen: White.
Tensou: Light brown.
Maki: Purple.
Kazumi: A white blonde...

8. Have you any family members?
Tensou: We're a family.
Kake: Yup!
Kana: Tensou and I are the parents and the rest are our children.
Zen and Keba nod their heads.
Maki: Not that I know of.
Kazumi: I have my mother, father, brother and surrogate sister.

9. Oh? How about pets?
Kake: Don't have one.
Tensou: We all don't.
Kana: Mhm.
Keba: Yes.
Zen: Yes?
Keba: That we don't own one.
Zen: Okay.
Maki: No.
Kazumi: Maybe on day.
10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like!
Kake: Long meetings...
Zen: My paints being messed up.
Keba: Chaotic magic.
Tensou: ...Long meetings too.
Kana: My children being sad.
Maki: People thinking I can't do things because I'm disabled.
Kazumi: Being alone and not loved.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Kake: Um...I love racing and adventuring!
Zen: Besides fighting, I like painting.
Keba: Playing on my harp and magic.
Tensou: I'm like my youngest daughter, Kake.
Kana: Playing on my harp and helping others.
Maki: Ummm...
Kazumi: I play the harp, like my mother. She also likes to read.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Kake: Nope. A shark almost ate me though.
Zen: Yes, in a spar.
Keba: ...I'd rather not answer this.
Tensou: I have.
Kana: No, I have not.
Maki: No.
Kazumi: I'd never.

13. Ever… killed anyone before
Kake: Nope!
Zen: Not yet.
Keba: Thankfully no.
Tensou: ...Yes.
Kana: No.
Maki: No.
Kazumi: No, I have not.

14. What kind of animal are you?
Kake: But we're merpeople.
Keba: Although we are not human.
Zen: Weird.
Tensou and Kana agree silently.
Maki: Er...
Kazumi: Animal?

15. Name your worst habits
Kake: I'm late, often, and I hate doing paper work.
Zen: I tend to hold grudges...
Keba: ...I can lose control of my magic...and I tend to be hard on myself.
Tensou: I'm like my daughter, youngest. And we both are procrastinators too. With that paper work.
Kana: I'm very soft spoken...and have a hard time speaking up.
Maki: Well...I tend to be reckless a bit when I'm trying to prove a person wrong.
Kazumi: I don't tend to activity look for friends.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
Kake: Ummmm....
Zen: My father.
Keba: My mother.
Tensou: My dad.
Kana: My family.
Maki: I guess my friends.
Kazumi; My mother.

17. Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
Tensou and Kana: Straight.
Keba: Depends on the RP.
Zen and Kake: Same with us.
Maki: Straight. Period.
Kazumi: Bi, but leaning towards men more then women.

18. Do you go to school?
All Dachis: We had tutors.
Maki: Never went to one.
Kazumi: I have.
19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
Tensou and Kana: We've done that.
Keba: Yes.
Zen: One day.
Kake: Yup!
Maki: I do.
Kazumi: Same with me, although I don't think it will happen.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
Zen: Yes.
Keba: I'm not sure.
Kake: I dunno.
Tensou: Good question.
Kana: I had some, yes.
Maki: I don't know.
Kazumi: Probably not.

21. What are you most afraid of?
Kake: ...Being alone.
Zen: Killing my family.
Keba: Having my magic completely go out of control.
Tensou: Being alone.
Kana: The death of my family and the dark.
Maki: Well, it's not the dark. More being helpless.
Kazumi: Being alone and seeing my family and friends altogether and pushing my away.

22. What do you usually wear?
Keba, Kake and Kana: Shell bra and jewelry.
Tensou and Zen: Some arm bands and jewelry.
Maki: Wraps, over my eyes.
Kazumi: A shell bra, tail pants, and jewelry.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
Kake: Pineapples!
Zen: Bass.
Keba: Chocolate.
Tensou: I like many fish.
Kana: Chocolate.
Maki: Tempts me? I dunno.
Kazumi: Chocolate.

24. Am I annoying you?
Kake: Nope!
Zen: A little.
Keba: Yes.
Tensou: Not really.
Kana: No, you are not.
Maki: Nope.
Kazumi: A little.

25. Well, it's still not over!
Kake: Bring them on!
Zen: Okay.
Keba: ...You will be used upon when testing spells of mine.
Tensou: Bring it.
Kana: Alright then.
Maki: Okay.
Kazumi: Alright.

26. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
Tensou: We're all royalty. Kake's the ruler since she's the Empress.
Kake: Hey! Don't tell them that!
Maki: Low class.
Kazumi: I'm a royal member of Atlantide.

27. How many friends do you have?
Kake: Many!
Zen: A good amount.
Keba: A few.
Tensou: Many friends.
Kana: I have a good amount of friends.
Maki: A few.
Kazumi: ...I chose not to answer this.

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
Kake: Do they have a pineapple one?
Zen: It's good.
Keba: It's a treat.
Tensou: That's an odd question.
Kana: They're good.
Maki: It's alright.
Kazumi: It's good.

30. Favorite drink?
Tensou: Hmmm...
Keba: Lily tea.
Zen: Beer.
Kake: I dunno.
Kana: I like some wine when I can get some.
Maki: Tea.
Kazumi: Oh...I'm not sure.

31. What's your favorite place?
Keba: My room or the Crystal Cavern.
Kake: Crystal Cavern.
Zen: ...See above.
Tensou: I like the open sea.
Kana: The Crystal Caverns.
Maki: Out side when I can feel the sun's warmth.
Kazumi: ...In nature.

32. Are you interested in anyone~?
Tensou and Kana: We're found who we're looking for.
Keba: Skipping.
Zen: Following suit.
Kake: Not answering.
Maki: I am.
Kazumi: ....I refuse to answer this.

33. That was a stupid question.
Keba: Yes it was.
Kake: It was?
Zen: Mhm.
Tensou: Not really.
Kana: For us two only.
Maki: It's not, but if you repeat it later it will be.
Kazumi: It is.

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
All Dachis: Ocean.
Maki: Both.
Kazumi: Both.

35. What's your type?
Kake: Eh....
Keba: Skipping!!
Zen: Mhm.
Tensou: Kana.
Kana: Tensou.
Maki: You're not going to know.
Kazumi: Someone who's a gentleman...kind...likes me...

36. Any fetishes?
Kake: Um.
Keba: You're not finding out!
Zen: Pushing too far.
Kana: I agree with my son.
Tensou: Mhm.
Maki: Huh?
Kazumi: Eeh!?

38. Camping or indoors?
Kake: Outdoors.
Zen: Both.
Keba: Indoors.
Tensou: Outdoors.
Kana: Indoors.
Maki: Camping.
Kazumi: Indoors.

39. Who are you gonna tag?
Kake: We're.
Keba: Not.
Zen: Tagging.
Tensou: Anyone.
Kana: Period.
Maki: Tag, um, no one.
Kazumi: No one.


Commissions!  : Commissions!Rules
The prices below are estimated and can go higher or lower.
Please note me your commission. That way I can keep it and have something to go back to if I need to.
You must pay me at the sketch stage.
You can pay with money or points.
With money it's either Canadian or US dollars and only with Paypal.
This list will change once I gain more skills.
Depending on the detail of the background or more people, you will be charged extra. (Yes, you can have it private, just tell me in the note.)
Mature artwork must be asked before accepting the commission period.
I will only have four open slots for commissions. Once they fill up, you must wait until they're empty before sending commission notes.
You can not have more then one slot at a time. (However, each time the slots are empty, you can ask for another one.)
Money commissions will be finished before point commissions.
EDIT: Point Commissions are closed for now. Will reopen once my goal is completed.
Traditional (Line art w

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I need a new tag line.
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