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It's the stuff I create. Flamers are NOT welcomed. Your flames will be used to roast marshmellows for me and my watches so we can have s'mores.

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Old Ansestor: From Great... to worse!!
(once night came)
Etsuko: (trying to find the perfect Kimono)
Itachi: (already found a blue one) much longer....
Etsuko: Not alot...
Keba and Kake, along with Zen this time, had gotten ready. But they had decided not to wear a kimono.
Etsuko: Found one! :) (puts on a red Kimono with a orange & yellow flower pattern on it)
It seemed like it was going to look good on her.
Etsuko: Hey Kake, Keba, how does this look?
Kake: It looks nice one you.
Keba: Mhm. I'm sure Itachi will love you in it.
Etsuko: Ok... (walks out to see Itachi) So, how do I look?
Itachi: ! Beautiful!
Etsuko: :blush:
Keba and Kake went as well, both in different looks then from each other and Etsuko.
Itachi: Si, shall we be off?
Etsuko: Sure. :)
Keba: Mhm, let us go.
Kake: Let's get Zen too!
Itachi & Etsuko both went out into the room where the dancing was held. Once the music started playing, they danced they're hearts out, as if they were waiting for a moment like this.
But lurking in the mist close by, was a t
:icongamemaster999:Gamemaster999 1 7
Kazumi - Free art by hachimitsu-ink Kazumi - Free art :iconhachimitsu-ink:hachimitsu-ink 14 3 How we met... by TomeFantasy How we met... :icontomefantasy:TomeFantasy 12 40
Old Ansestor: Reunion and Reimagining
All of a sudden, Etsuko's pearl gave off a very small yellow glow.
Etsuko: !
Keba: Hm?
Kake: Eh!?
Etsuko: (started getting message straight to herself) I... Itachi?!! (started turning & twisting her body around, as if looking for something, then swam past Kake & Keba again in a hurry)
Kake: No again! *She chases her.*
Keba: Oh no... *She follows the two.*
Etsuko: (swimming downwards & went straight towards a shaded place, from the looks of it, there was another big crystal in the spot) (banging on the crystal) Itachi... can you here me from in there... ITACHI!!! (then her pearl was glowing again)
Both Keba and Kake got there. After Etsuko and saw Itachi in the crystal. Seems like Kake's theory was spot on this time.
Etsuko: (trying really hard to break the crystal open, but it wasn't succeeding)
Kake: Etsuko! Let me help!
Keba: Mhm, me as well. Together, sister?
Kake: Of course!
Etsuko: (stepped back a couple of feet so Kake & Keba could break the crystal.)
Kake and Keba both casts a s
:icongamemaster999:Gamemaster999 1 1
Pun-chan needs a hug... by Gamemaster999 Pun-chan needs a hug... :icongamemaster999:Gamemaster999 4 5
Old Ansestor: Unthinkable...
Madusa: (she's alot nice that she was back at the party)(swimming toward Kake & Keba) KAKE! KEBA!! (When she got to the 2 of them, she was out of breath) I was... looking... for treasure... and... I found... someone... in a crystal... that look... like... kake...
The mermaid Princess and Empress looked to her. Not sure what to think but asked for Madusa to take them there. As some of their ancestors had been trapped in crystals. One being, at least from the first Emperor's journals, the namesake to the kingdom itself.
Madusa lead Kake & Keba to where she saw it. But the place she found it was miles from the crystal caverns.
Madusa: Here we are...
Just like she said, there was an ancestor inside the crystal, but it looked like when the crystal grew, it had no solid foundation.
Kake: What the?
Keba: Hm...well, this is odd, however, let's see if we can't free them.
KAke: Okay.
Madusa: (pulling on a little bit on the crystal, seconds later a part snapped off) Hmmm... Doesn't look as strong
:icongamemaster999:Gamemaster999 1 1
Soul Calibur Brawl! (HD Edition) :icongamemaster999:Gamemaster999 2 1
TensouxKana Stamp by BoboMagroto TensouxKana Stamp :iconbobomagroto:BoboMagroto 8 10
Madusa's Meeting: The lingering Darkness...
Kake: Well, at least we solve that problem.
Keba: It begs the question if everyone here is under hypnosis...
Zen: Hm...
(minutes later) (Chou returns, but not looking well...)
Chou: OW! head!!!!
All of them, well the Dachis, looked to her.
Kake: Chou!?
Keba: Chou!
Zen: Chou, are you alright!?
Chou: (Red sparks were coming off her) Yea.. just need to... (fell down to the ground, still awake, yet in pain)
Zen: I highly doubt that. Keba, Kake..
Keba: Right, let's work our magic.
Kake: Okay! Healing time!
Both mermaids call upon their magic. Only one using the Pearl of Kaiyou, the youngest Dachi of course, as they could heal people and their wounds.
Zen: Chou, what happened there?
(a red lightning bolt hit the pearl of Kaiyou during the spell)
Chou: All I did was tell Madusa that I quit. But then, she used her pearl on me...
Kake: *She jumped back, in pain.*
Zen: Kake!
Keba: Sister! ...Chou, I think I'll speak for you on your behave.
Kake: Ow...that hurt....
Chou: (head still hurts)
:icongamemaster999:Gamemaster999 3 1

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Instead of the normal one person feature. I'm going to put those who had given me a Christmas gift in here. As thanks for making me a gift. In no real order as well.

:iconjuliana1121: CG - Princess Hitomi Shiroi by Juliana1121
:iconbubble-fan: CG-Punisher2006-2016 by bubble-fan
:icongamemaster999: CG Punisher2006 2016 by Gamemaster999
:iconazure-wolf96: Christmas Gift 2016 - Punisher2006 by Azure-wolf96
:iconkohsayo: Christmas Gift for Punisher 2006 by kohsayo
:iconcaptainface: (Drawn by :iconsailorenergy: 70 Beach Pool Party Gift for CaptainFace n friends by SailorEnergy
:iconbobomagroto: Figures and a charm
:iconhachimitsu-ink: Genie Jasmine and two custom UBS

Thank-you for the gifts!

In the Attack on Kaiyou Redo, there is a purple mermaid in the background. Many of you who commented on it wanted her to have a name. Some have given suggestions for the name and's the poll. What do you think her name should be? (And you can p 

16 deviants said Azura
12 deviants said Amethyst
10 deviants said Amatheia
5 deviants said Coral
4 deviants said Pearl
4 deviants said Gaea
3 deviants said Other (Comment the name you want her to have that's not up here.)

Tag and Kirban

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 23, 2017, 3:26 PM
So I was tagged by :icongamemaster999: to do this with an OC of mine, Jessica!

It's the post eight facts one. And no, I'm not tagging anyone, you can do it if you want.

Jessica (Jess) McKay.

Studying Jess by Punisher2006

1) Jessica is in university, studying in the medical field, more to be a medical researcher then a doctor.
2) Jessica does have Crohn's disease.
3) Jessica does need her glasses to see. They're not for decoration.
4) Jessica prefers to be called, Jess. She's not a fan of her full name.
5) Jessica does have a power herself. She can sense any supernatural around her. Even those in hiding or in disguise. She also can not be lied to at all, due to this same power.
6) Jessica does have a boyfriend. So, sorry guys, she's taken.
7) Jessica's parents are divorced. And she doesn't have a good relationship with her father. Because of this, she doesn't think much about marriage.
8) Jessica also doesn't have a favourite, or an associated, colour. She wears all of them.


I've had my 200,000 page view KIRBAN. Which means my next one is the 210,000 page view one. And for those who still haven't sent their KIRBAN requests from the 200,000 page view. Please do so now or else it might not get done. (That means you, Captainface and Dr-Scaphandre)

Those who can not claim the 210,000 page view: :icongoldlinaric: :iconbubble-fan: :iconcaptainface: and :icondr-scaphandre:

1) First thee people to show me proof on or close to 210,000 pages views gets a request from me. (One full body picture, coloured, max two people. Small background.)
2) You don't have to be a friend to get it.
3) If you caught my 200,000 page view, or close to it, you can't get this one. If you try to send it to me, you will not get it.
4) If you had got my 190,000 page view or close to it, you are allowed to try for it.
5) I do the requests at my speed.
6) Please don't be a sore loser if you didn't get one. Okay? Thank-you.

And the winners are...

1) :icondannystar64: with 210,001 views
2) :iconrisingsunyamamoto98: with 210,002 views
3)  :icongamemaster999: with 210,010 views

And that's all of the spots. Congrats to the winners.

Commissions!Rules EDIT: April 04 2017: Commissions are open once again! Please read the journal as things have changed.
Please read all rules before commissioning me, that goes for everyone.
The prices below are estimated and can go higher or lower.
Please note me your commission. That way I can keep it and have something to go back to if I need to. Also if it needs to be private, please let me know in the note. Or I'll assume it's public.
You must pay me at the sketch stage.
You can pay with money or points.
With money it's either Canadian or US dollars and only with Paypal.
This list will change once I gain more skills.
Depending on the detail of the background or more people, you will be charged extra. (Yes, you can have it private, just tell me in the note.)
Mature artwork must be asked before accepting the commission period.
I will only have three open slots for commissions. Once they fill up, you must wait until they're empty before sending commission no


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